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Make your own KILLCARB T-Shirts

The information on this page was contributed by Jeff Miller


Download kit in .zip format
Download kit in .rar format

T-Shirt 1

T-Shirt 2

T-Shirt 3

T-Shirt 4

T-Shirt Back

Each directory in the .zip or .rar file (T-SHIRT-1,2,3 etc.) contains 1 iron-on design saved in 2 formats (DOC & PDF). The third file (JPG) is a picture of what the design looks like after it's ironed on the shirt. Total: 3 files

In the directory named "T-SHIRT-BACK" is a design I put on the back of one of my shirts. (You can edit in the names of your representatives) I have gotten into several conversations when I'm standing in a check out line where the person behind me has time to read it and comment on it.

Each design is ready to print and will fit nicely on an 8.5" X 11" iron-on T-Shirt transfer sheet. These sheets can be purchased at any Staples, OfficeMax. Longs, Walgreen etc. Avery sells a box of 18 for around 10-12 dollars. They will have instructions regarding the ironing. It's a breeze.

***Just remember that when you print these onto a transfer sheet you want to print a mirror image. This will also be covered in the transfer sheet instructions but 99% of the printers today all you have to do is go to the area in the printing cue where you can select paper type (glossy, plain etc). Scroll down and find "T-Shirt Transfers" and click on it.That's it, the printer knows to print a mirror image.

Any questions or if would like a design in a different format feel free to e-mail me and I'll fix you up if I can.

Jeff Miller